Life on Social Media

Date: November 2013

Services: SMM, Viral Marketing, Design

Team: Mikhail Kafanov, Ksenia Ratushnaya, Yuliya Arskaya, Iliya Kutovoi, Syoma Kirilin


We launched our own viral campaign to highlight the changes in everyday reality brought on by social media. The campaign comprised eight images depicting unusual situations when people post something on social media to get likes. It was only logical to post the images on social networks, which we did, and half an hour later they were reposted on popular public pages on Facebook and Vkontakte. One week later at least 15 million people had seen our campaign. This series of images was featured in various media sources including ‘Zuckerberg Pozvonit’ (‘Цукерберг позвонит’), AdMe and The Village.


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